Thursday, August 19, 2010

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Worn Again 2010 New Orleans!

Worn again went off with a huge bangarang yet again this year! My ripaway gown (yup) was in the top 10 designer category and my beautiful models, Lauren Juarez and Sheeka Netter did a fabulous job with the interactive striptease choreography on the runway. My concept was to have the gorgeous befeathered peacock lady defrocked by the raw, pelt-laden tribal woman...the gown is designed to be torn off in pieces by another person!
All of the pieces in the show were made from cast off clothing (that each designer received in a pillowcase at random a month prior). My mini-collection featured handmade skulls, and "bone" beads, a shaved fur jacket-vest, handmade hairpeices, a loincloth jumpsuit, fabric "feathers" and, of course, the ripaway gown. More pics and (hopefully) video soon!

At the jury (the piece I made for Woo didn't make it into the show (even though the dead monkey hat is the greatest thing ever) but he decided the sport the loincloth leggings to the show anyway.

A tiny pic of the garment underneath the ripaway gown. It's a boned bustier/hotpants cabaret outfit with a fabric "feather" bustle!

Antenna Gallery Show

A reprise of Worn Again New Orleans past, at the Antenna Gallery in the Bywater

Monday, April 19, 2010

Never bored or boring in the biggest of easies

tony is bartending. the end is nigh.

bryant's hippie vagina

those are my panties...splendidly adorning my friends at the premier of Treme at the Country Club

birthday shirt! It says "Convert to Islam (so i can eat your pork). see...i still make clothes

easter is that day when jesus and bunnies become zombies

shortly before the beautiful chair sculpture collapsed and nearly killed Cyn.

Coco Robicheaux in the comfy chair...stuff with good food and libations after a hard days work...

tiffany smells what Woo's cookin

poker party..yep